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Statement on wire rope barriers by VicRoads & CFA

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  5.02 PM 5 March, 2018

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VicRoads and CFA stand side-by-side in the rollout of flexible safety barriers across the state’s highest risk roads. 

As part of the CFA mission to protect lives and property from fire and other emergencies, CFA acknowledges the installation of safety barriers is a key road safety initiative. These barriers and other road safety treatments will help to prevent crashes and, by doing so, reduce the number of deaths on country roads and reduce the number of call-outs emergency agencies are required to attend.

Throughout the planning and delivery of this safety initiative VicRoads has held extensive consultation with the community and all emergency services including no fewer than 34 meetings, workshops and information sessions with CFA directly.

Chief executives from CFA and VicRoads met last week to address some remaining concerns from local brigades. A forward plan is now being delivered including the following actions:

  • VicRoads to conduct detailed mapping of the barriers which will clearly identify the location of access breaks, emergency cross over points and interchanges.
  • Maps will be compatible with Triple Zero systems (ESTA) to assist all emergency services in effectively planning for and responding to incidents on roads where safety barriers are installed.
  • VicRoads to develop training materials that can be incorporated into training sessions delivered by CFA equipping volunteers and members with the skills and expertise to respond to emergencies.
  • Where VicRoads is installing barriers at the Top 20 sites identified by the Towards Zero action plan, VicRoads has committed to further consultation by attending all local Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee meetings in those regions.
  • VicRoads acknowledges CFA's interest in ensuring the management of fuel loads on road reserves. VicRoads will continue to install regular maintenance breaks along the barriers to facilitate the delivery of a continued roadside maintenance schedule.

Many of these activities are well underway with the two authorities working in partnership to ensure these barriers continue to save lives, while allowing firefighting staff and volunteers to respond safely and efficiently to emergencies.

Flexible safety barriers are proven to prevent head-on and run-off-road crashes – the leading cause of deaths on country roads last year.

Quotes attributable to VicRoads Acting Deputy Chief Executive Robyn Seymour:

“We are committed to working closely with the CFA and all emergency services as we roll out this important road safety initiative."

“We acknowledge there are some concerns among local CFA brigades and we are working with them to address those issues."

“Flexible safety barriers are proven life savers – and that’s why we’re installing them across the state."

“One life lost on our roads is one too many.”

Quotes attributable to CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington:

"CFA is committed to working with VicRoads to make sure our brigades can work safely with the barriers and do our jobs."

"We are also talking to other agencies across the sector to iron out any issues or concerns."

"We are all on board for any measure that will see fewer people hurt on Victorian roads. Many of our people, as first responders, know the devastation of road trauma."



Last Updated: 06 March 2018