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State Urban Senior Champs results

By: CFA News

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  11.42 AM 13 March, 2018

Location: General

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The State Urban Senior Champs were held over the long weekend at Bendigo.

Congratulations to Champion Brigade Maryvale.


Dry aggregate

=1st Maryvale and Kangaroo Flat 18 points

3rd Dandenong 17 points

Wet aggregate

1st Maryvale 74 points

2nd Harvey B 62 points

3rd Kangaroo Flat 54 points

A Section

1st Maryvale 92 points

2nd Kangaroo Flat 72 points

=3rd Dandenong and Drouin/Bunyip 34

B Section

1st Sale 58 points

2nd Patterson River 39 points

3rd Geelong West 32 points

C Section

1st Harvey B 83 points

=2nd Warrnambool and Werribee B 49 points

Last Updated: 13 March 2018