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Fire Danger Period warning for the long weekend

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  1.52 PM 7 March, 2018

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CFA is reminding all Victorians to have fire safety as a top priority as we head into the Labour Day long weekend.

With high temperatures forecast and many Victorians expected to go camping, CFA is urging people to not be complacent when lighting fires.

The Fire Danger Period (FDP) is still in effect and all Victorian’s are urged to check the CFA website, their local municipality’s regulations and use their own observations to monitor conditions.

Chief Officer Steve Warrington reminded all Victorian’s that the threat of fire never dissipates.

“Any rain that communities may have received has largely evaporated and not eased the fire danger,” Mr Warrington said.

“Communities should be aware that any dangerous activity may result in a fire and may cause damage. This was witnessed last week when over 600ha of private and public land in the King Valley, south of Wangaratta, was burnt.

“Victorians need to be fully aware of what they can and cannot do during the fire danger period.”

If you’re going camping this weekend, check weather and fire conditions regularly and if lighting a barbeque make sure your hose is in good condition and that the connections and fittings are tight.

Fire restrictions are in force during the hotter months to reduce the chance of a fire getting out of control, resulting in the loss of life or property.

The FDP means you must be vigilant when using barbecues, lighting fires and operating machinery and you must check with both CFA and municipality regulations.

For more information visit on the FDP visit:

Last Updated: 07 March 2018