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Emergency services women recognised on IWD

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  2.36 PM 8 March, 2018

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CFA today celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) and all the women across all roles in emergency services.

Alongside the IWD theme ‘Press For Progress’, the United Nations’ Women’s focus in Australia is to ‘Leave No Woman Behind’ – celebrating the women who work in humanitarian and disaster planning and response, and the empowering work they do to help women and children survive and thrive in crises.

CFA’s most recent recruitment drive saw a 42 per cent jump in the number of females applying to be a career firefighter.

The firefighters who make it through to the end of the recruitment process will not just be fighting fires; they will also be educating the community, preparing the state for extreme events and performing search and rescue roles should disaster strike.

CFA Chief Executive Paul Smith said women firefighters and CFA non-operational staff were all working in roles critical to the safety of the Victorian community.

“Whether a firefighter, an educator or support staff member, every woman at CFA should be commended for the essential role they play in serving the community,” Mr Smith said.

“CFA plays a vital role in planning and responding to crises in Victoria and today we recognise our female firefighters who put their lives on the line to preserve life and protect property.

“The number of women on the frontline at CFA is set to grow rapidly. We have seen a 42 per cent jump in the number of females looking to join in our latest recruitment round, but we are also working to drastically increase the number of women in the organisation – particularly in leadership roles.

“This shows our commitment to reflect the community we serve, meet community expectations and ultimately be a better, stronger fire services organisation.

“It is a testament to the entire organisation that we are growing as a diverse and inclusive workforce, but especially to the women leaders who are such great examples to everyone they work with and meet in the community.

“All women working in emergency services should be commended for the exceptional work they do and International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Last Updated: 09 March 2018