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State Urban Senior Champs results

The State Urban Senior Champs were held over the long weekend at Bendigo.

 11.42 AM 13 March, 2018

Revamped News & Media site

The CFA News & Media website is about to undergo a major revamp that will give volunteers and staff even easier ways to promote and share the great work they do with other members and the wider community.

 10.06 AM 13 March, 2018

Fire Danger Period warning for the long weekend

CFA is reminding all Victorians to have fire safety as a top priority as we head into the Labour Day long weekend.

 1.52 PM 7 March, 2018

Volunteers to take part in State Championships

Bendigo will host the Senior Urban State Championships for the 31st time over the Labour Day weekend 10 -12 March. Held over three days, the Championships will see 50 teams of volunteer firefighters from across Victoria and interstate come together to compete against one another.

 9.40 AM 5 March, 2018

2018 CFA/MFB Treadmill Challenge

The CFA/MFB 14-hour Treadmill Challenge is on!

 4.10 PM 4 March, 2018

Let there be light

You may have noticed some changes as you approach Doreen Fire Station along Yan Yean Road.

 4.04 PM 4 March, 2018

CFA to commission two 'POD' trucks

CFA has commissioned two new vehicles to join the fleet, increasing technical rescue capability in regional Victoria. 

 12.13 PM 2 March, 2018

Ararat grass fire under investigation

A grass fire that burnt approximately 60 hectares in Elmhurst is under investigation.

 5.19 PM 27 February, 2018

Working together to care for country

CFA staff based in Burwood East had the pleasure of experiencing first hand a traditional Smoking Ceremony conducted by traditional owner, Elder Uncle Collin Hunter, for CFA headquarters. 

 4.59 PM 27 February, 2018

Real training in a virtual world

Ongoing development in virtual reality (VR) technology is rapidly changing how we learn new skills and, for a number of years, CFA has been offering increasing levels of experiential learning using computer simulation.

 12.11 PM 20 February, 2018

CFA fireys a hit at Good Friday Appeal launch

Today the Royal Children’s Hospital launched its 2018 Good Friday Appeal, including revealing the face of 2018, Arielle.

 5.00 PM 19 February, 2018

Latest response time data released

CFA has today published response time data for the second quarter of 2017-2018.

 4.02 PM 14 February, 2018

Update from CEO Paul Smith

As I mark just over a week in the job at CFA, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a warm welcome and share what I plan to achieve as your Chief Executive.  

 2.45 PM 13 February, 2018

Historic CFA-MFB recruitment campaign opens

UPDATE: Applications have now closed. Applications to become a Victorian firefighter open today in the first ever joint CFA-MFB recruitment campaign.

 9.00 AM 12 February, 2018

TFB for Mallee and Northern Country

A Total Fire Ban (TFB) has been declared for the Mallee and Northern Country tomorrow (10 February).

 3.21 PM 9 February, 2018

CFA helping to address mental health

Even the most resilient member of CFA can be affected by stress and trauma.

 8.15 AM 9 February, 2018

Challenge 2018 celebrates 25 years of leadership

Celebrating 25 years of leadership and teamwork, participants of Challenge 2018 recently graduated after 12 days of rigorous physical activity, networking and education. 

 1.00 PM 8 February, 2018

TFB for the Mallee

A Total Fire Ban (TFB) has been declared for the Mallee tomorrow (8 February).

 3.48 PM 7 February, 2018

Film project in Nhill with the Karen community

In the far west of the state in the small town of Nhill, an important project is underway

 1.14 PM 5 February, 2018

CFA welcomes new CEO Dr Paul Smith

I am pleased to welcome Dr Paul Smith, who commences today as Chief Executive Officer.

 3.44 PM 2 February, 2018

CFA and MFB launch joint recruitment campaign

Victoria’s fire services are putting out the call for more people to become a career firefighter.

 1.37 PM 2 February, 2018

Fire safety this Aus Day long weekend

CFA is urging all Victorians to keep fire safety top of mind as we head into the Australia Day long weekend.

 11.53 AM 26 January, 2018

Junior brigades have their say

Today CFA launched the 2018 Junior Brigade Operating Review. Over the next five weeks, Junior brigades across the state will have the opportunity to tell us more about the programs they run.

 2.40 PM 25 January, 2018

Improving safety at burns

For many years quad bikes have been used by CFA brigades at roadside fuel reduction burns because they are more effective and faster than using handheld drip torches.

 9.12 AM 15 January, 2018

Smoke visible due to increased fire activity

Fires burning in Victoria and South Australia today have resulted in large amounts of smoke drifting across the state.

 9.35 PM 6 January, 2018

CFA urges holiday travellers to be prepared

People travelling throughout the state are being urged to check local fire conditions before they leave and to stay informed to help ensure they enjoy a truly relaxing festive season break.

 11.10 AM 22 December, 2017

More career firefighters for Portland Fire Station

Eight career firefighters will transfer from Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) to join the Portland CFA brigade.

 5.47 PM 21 December, 2017

Christmas lights spark warning

CFA and MFB are urging Victorians to celebrate the festive season safely and avoid firefighters crashing their Christmas.

 4.03 PM 14 December, 2017

Is your mental health ready for summer?

When we think of the fire season, we think about pre-season briefings, preparedness training, truck inventories and checking our PPC is in good order. 

 8.03 AM 13 December, 2017

It’s Christmas time at Doreen

Doreen Fire Brigade members and their families gathered together again to celebrate all that is good in CFA with an informal Sunday Christmas brunch.

 6.54 AM 11 December, 2017

Prototype sand tanker on trial

CFA has produced a prototype sand tanker, which was developed after consultation with stakeholders, and a further five are planned this financial year.

 7.55 AM 7 December, 2017

CFA will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington outlines why he is adamant CFA will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.  

 2.35 PM 6 December, 2017

Christmas shopping with Emergency Memberlink

Make Christmas 2017 the most memorable yet and give your family and friends a gift you know they’ll love.

 9.39 AM 4 December, 2017

2018 Australia Day Parade - EOI

Once again, CFA will participate in the Australia Day Parade in Melbourne’s CBD. 

 4.53 PM 1 December, 2017

Fire restrictions introduced across the state

The Fire Danger Period will commence for the following municipalities from 1am on 4 December 2017:

 4.15 PM 27 November, 2017

CFA leading research into fire suppressants

CFA’s bushfire research team is leading an Australian-first research project into the effectiveness of water-enhancing polymer gel technology as a fire suppressant and its ability to help protect the community.

 10.12 AM 24 November, 2017

Bushfire outlook: November update

Due to drier and warmer than average conditions since autumn 2017, the bushfire seasonal outlook for 2017-18 has been re-examined for southern Australia. 

 2.51 PM 22 November, 2017

Penshurst stormwater diversion works complete

CFA is pleased to announce the stormwater diversion works at the VEMTC Penshurst training campus are now complete.

 2.03 PM 20 November, 2017

Applications now open for summer community grants

Throughout summer government, emergency services and CFA work hard to deliver many activities to increase community preparedness both in the lead-up to and during the Fire Danger Period.

 9.52 AM 16 November, 2017

Recruitment materials launched for Junior Brigades

Providing support to Junior Brigades to promote their program and recruit new Juniors is important to CFA, which is why we are excited to launch a suite of new marketing and promotional materials.

 3.53 PM 15 November, 2017

Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games

Registrations are now open for the 17th Australasian Police and Emergency Services (APES) Games to be held in Mandurah, Western Australia in 2018.

 3.42 PM 1 November, 2017

Community bushfire exercise in Omeo

Community members from the high country of Omeo, Cobungra, Bundarrah, Anglers's Rest, Glen Valley, Glen Wills, Cassilis Road, Innisfail, were given the opportunity to take part in the education experience of a CFA " Community Bushfire Exercise" coordinated by the South East Region Community Education team.

 2.18 PM 1 November, 2017

Emergency response time data release

CFA emergency response time data is being publicly released for the first time today. 

 10.10 AM 30 October, 2017

Victorian Emergency Operations Handbook 2017

Over the past few years, Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) has produced the Victorian Bushfire Handbook (Edition 5).

 4.37 PM 23 October, 2017

CFA assists in fighting Northern California fires

Seven CFA firefighters were among a contingent of 33 Victorian emergency management personnel deployed today to assist in managing the devastating fires in Northern California.

 4.17 PM 18 October, 2017

Challenge applications extended

Applications for the Challenge 2018 program have been extended to Friday, 3 November. 

 4.15 PM 18 October, 2017

Reduce risks and save time

Want to know how to reduce your risk of having a road accident and improve your work life balance, all from the comfort of your own home or office?

 11.25 AM 16 October, 2017

Pat inspires women in rural Victoria

As a farmer in rural Victoria and a CFA volunteer, Pat Bigham has been caring for the land and helping others for a number of years which is what International Day of Rural Women is all about.

 6.24 PM 15 October, 2017

Mt Martha Brigade Support Team

This week, CFA is recognising and acknowledging some of our senior members as part of Victorian Seniors Week. Mt Martha Fire Brigade is a perfect example of an active senior group that doesn't let age get in its way.

 3.31 PM 9 October, 2017